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Outdoor Sculptures in Belleville

The Belleville and Van Buren DDAs are pleased to bring outdoor sculptures to our community, showcasing our commitment to invention and cooperation. This year's exhibit enhances our streetscape and parks, engages residents and visitors and highlights local businesses. With the artists and Midwest Sculpture Initiative we are celebrating this special place where we live, work and play.

Use this interactive map to locate each statue.

Do you like what you see? These sculptures are for sale, and a portion of the proceeds stays in the local community. Contact Midwest Sculpture Initiative at 517-486-4591.

Downtown Belleville Welcomes 

See a Map of Belleville's 2016 DIA outdoor masterpieces, in town from August thru October


Take a stroll through downtown and enjoy the sculptures and the paintings for yourself!

  • Lupine
    "Lupine" by Pamela Reithmeier

    Lupine | Pamela Reithmeier | Toledo, OH

    Pam earned her Masters in Special Education from The University of Toledo, and has retired after teaching for 34 years. She loves seeing people interact with her sculptures, and she is drawn to creating works that are inspired by nature.

    Steel/Paint | $4,500

  • Box Of Flowers
    "Box Of Flowers" by Jennifer Meyer

    Box Of Flowers | Jennifer Meyer | Lansing, MI

    Jennifer's sculptures are a reincarnation of many purposeful past lives. She is a found objects sculptor, and she invites viewers to reflect up on what we consider discards and to perhaps be more thoughtful about personal reuse.

    Found Objects | $1,600

  • Self Service VIII
    "Self Service VIII" by Israel & Eric Nordin

    Self Service VIII | Israel & Eric Nordin | Detroit, MI

    Israel and Eric Nordin are brothers with a passion for design. Their one rule when working together: the design is what matters. Art is what they live and breathe, and together they make both of their creative visions a reality.

    Stainless Steel/HR Steel | $21,000

  • Gustometer
    "Gustometer" by Beau Bilenki

    Gustometer | Beau Bilenki | South Bend, IN

    Beau’s creations have been showcased at noteworthy destinations including the South Bend Museum of Art, the Gerald Ford Performing Arts Center and the University of Toledo. His works have also exhibited in Michigan, Wisconsin, New York and Chicago.

    Cement/Steel/Mirror | $15,000

  • Venus Redux
    "Venus Redux" by Marie Brown

    Lupine | Marie Brown | Toledo, OH

    Marie is a graduate of Bowling Green State University and The University of Toledo, with a Masters in Education. At BGSU she dabbled in glass blowing and ceramics, and began to weld steel sculptures, her favorite medium, at Owens Community College in 2002.

    Steel | $6,000

  • Icarus
    "Icarus" by Mike Sohikian

    Icarus | Mike Sohikian | Genoa, OH

    As a retired ironworker, Mike has been a member of the Bridge and Structural Ironworkers Local 55 for 37 years. He began his art career in 1995, and since then, has garnered acclaim and numerous prestigious awards for his works.

    Steel/Concrete | $10,000

  • Riding High
    "Riding High" by Elisabeth Scheffert

    Riding High | Elisabeth Scheffert | Toledo, OH

    Elizabeth's artwork follows the simple things in life: outdoor activities, enjoying a garden or dreaming in nature. She enjoys the challenging and inspiring aspects of creating sculptures from steel and transforming them into pieces that have softness.

    Steel/Paint | $2,500

  • The Veteran
    "The Veteran" by Mike Sohikian

    The Veteran | Mike Sohikian | Genoa, OH

    Mike has had a lifetime love and appreciation for art. His paintings and sculptures are in over 400 art collections nationwide, and he is best known for taking salvaged steel to new heights with impressive and innovative concepts.

    Steel/Concrete/Stone | $9,500

  • The Sun With 2 Moons
    "The Sun With 2 Moons" by Dave Vande Vusse

    The Sun With 2 Moons | Dave Vande Vusse | Manistee, MI

    Dave has been making mobiles and stabiles since the 1960s, when he was inspired by a Calder mobile in the Des Moines Art Museum. His amazing works appear all over the world, in Michigan, Oregon, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Tokyo.

    Steel | $7,500

  • Storm Tree
    "Storm Tree" by Robert Garcia

    Storm Tree | Robert Garcia | Toledo, OH

    Robert earned a Bachelor's degree at University of Toledo and an MFA at The Ohio State University. Creating art in various media has been a growth process for Robert, helping him to understand, simplify and strengthen his artistic expression.

    Painted Steel | $4,000

The sculptures are on loan from the Midwest Sculpture Initiative, and are presented in Belleville by generous community partners. Thank You to the 2016 - 2017 PUBLIC ART PARTNERS:

Belleville DDA Hennessey Engineers, Inc.
Van Buren DDA Plante Moran
Belleville Area Council for the Arts Spicer Group, Inc.
Belleville Tax and Accounting Terrafirma, Inc.
Central Business Community/CBC Belleville Area Chamber of Commerce